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Definitions: Adapted from:

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Image Credits: Sources for images are as follows:


  • Ice core extraction: From the British Antarctic Survey.
  • Heavy and light ice: By Theo Keeler.

Key Idea 1: Atomic Structure

  • Windmills: By ntitanium -
  • Medicine: By Leonardini -
  • Clouds: By fsstudio -

Key Idea 2: Defining Isotopes

  • Clouds: By saavem -
  • Mass Spectrometer: Mass Spectrometer schematic diagram accessed 22 July 2014 at _Spectrometer_Schematic.svg

Key Idea 3: Percent Abundance of Isotopes and Atomic Weight

  • Bamboo with water droplets: By Skippy3E -
  • Heavy and light ice: By Theo Keeler.

Key Idea 4: Natural Isotopic Variability

  • Ötzi: Copyright of South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology -

Key Idea 5: Isotopes and Climate

  • Ice core montage: Copyright of Reto Stockli, NASA GSFC; accessed at Paleoclimatology_IceCores/.
  • Forest: By Agrid -
  • Industry: By CMSeter -
  • Iceberg: By lyeager -

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